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Home Brew Contest Back Again for Wyo Brewers Festival

For the fourth year in a row, the Wyoming Brewers Festival will be giving a home brewer the chance to have their creation on tap at the festival. The competition takes place March 23-25 and the winner will once again have the opportunity to brew at Altitude Chophouse and Brewery in Laramie.

2016 homebrew comp flyer


Home Brew Success

As we continue to celebrate American Craft Beer Week, it is important to remember that the current craft beer boom can be traced back to guys with 5 gallon buckets in their garage, and the success they’ve had before striking out and starting their own breweries. John Henneberg of Henneberg Brewing Company in Cazenovia, NY perfected his beers in the garage with a dream of opening his new brewery and tasting room. Success was achieved last weekend as his brand new tasting room in his Farmstead Brewery.

I’ve wanted to start brewing my own beers for a while now, but time and space constraints have kept me from getting involved with it at this point. I keep saying when the new house is ready, it will have a brewery and smokehouse combination in the back yard. When my friend Chris invited me over two weeks ago to help bottle his latest home brew I jumped at the chance to help.

Last night we cracked open a couple of bottles to see how his concoction came out. There was a touch of trepidation, but the caps came off with a good pop a top sound, the beer smelled hoppy and like it should. It poured nicely into a pint glass looking the color that an IPA should. The moment of truth came and it was delicious. Chris made a very good IPA on his first try.  It even laced the glass as I drank it.

This is the second beer I’ve had that Chris has made, and this weekend we may brew a Hefeweizen together. In the meantime, congrats Chris on success in home brewing.