Tilt A Kilt Brings Scotland to Upstate NY

I’m a big Celtic Rock fan.  It goes back to my days as a DJ at WSBU radio at St. Bonaventure University and the first time the fantastic sounds of Black 47 hit my ears.  It has only grown over the years with the likes of Enter the Haggis, Dropkick Murphys and more populating my Pandora listening list.    Add to that a sudden mid-life discovery that I enjoy Scotch, plus the atmosphere of the Brae Loch Inn and you have all the parts for a rocking Saturday night.

The Brae Loch began a new tradition a few years ago when they started their Tilt A Kilt party.  The party is after St. Patrick’s Day and fills in what is usually a slow time at the Inn, the typical late March weekend, that can be hit or miss in the restaurant business.  Owners Jim and Val Barr put out a selection of Scottish finger foods, bring in Scotch tastings and a great live band. All in an effort to bring in a younger crowd and have a hell of a party at the same time.

This year they welcomed the Canadian Celtic Rock band Kitchen Party to provide the atmosphere and tunes.  It was quite frankly one of the best live band performances I’ve seen in a long time in a bar.  The combination of the band’s musical skill, the great genre of music and the atmosphere of the Brae Loch provided a perfect setting.  The band played a wide variety of classics and some newer material all of which had the crowd up and dancing for most of the night.

This is a food blog so I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that.  There was quite a spread of Scottish finger foods.  From their specialty Sweet Scot Pizza, (caramelized onion, dates, and stilton blue cheese), to traditional brie, mini haggis purses and a haggis pizza.  On a side note I’d always been wary of Haggis, but I’ll try anything once, and I really enjoyed both the mini Haggis purses and the Haggis Pizza.

The Scotch tasting was a nice addition to the whole evening.  A representative from Glenfiddich was on hand to explain their Scotch and how it was made.  As a newbie Scotch drinker, I found it very informative, and it changed me over from a Glenlivet to a Glenfiddich drinker, at least for that evening.  We will see going forward.

Events like the Tilt A Kilt are why we started this blog and they make the whole food scene so fantastic in Madison County.  Live music, great food in an unmatched atmosphere.  You just can’t beat it.  I took a lot of pictures that night, so enjoy the gallery below.  I also shot some video of Kitchen Party, its very dark, but the sound quality is there to enjoy.

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