Of Temptation and Dry January

Dry January, a 31 day period of abstaining from drinking alcoholic beverages and a hell of a test of will power on my part. I started Dry January early this year, December 26th to be specific. I knew this meant a dry New Year’s Eve, and I didn’t think that would be too much of an issue. In reality it wasn’t an issue for me as the new year came and went, with only a small longing for a cocktail. It did impact my plans as I avoided parties and places where I might be tempted.

The reality of it is, I’ve wanted a drink just about every night. Some nights have been harder than others. Last Saturday was the most interesting. More than anything I craved the hit at the back of the tongue that comes when the carbonation of a beer hits the top of your throat. It wasn’t the booze, or the drunk that I desired it was the mouth feel.

In reality Dry January could not have come at a better time for me. There is a lot going on in my life and the haziness that alcohol can bring to the decision making process is not needed around my life. We are 11 days into it, a full 1/3 of the way through. I’ve got great support this year in a couple of partners who are doing this with me and I’ve needed it, and they’ve needed me. The next big hurdle is the National Western Stock Show in Denver next week and two great concerts at night. I’ll get through it and I’ll get through January.



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