A La Carte: “The Big Game” Edition

Enough about who has the biggest, most inflated balls, we are halfway through Super Bowl week. What are you making for the big game?

1. Wings — The old standard and I never tire of traditional Buffalo Wings, but if you are looking for something different, The Food Network has 50 different recipes. (Food Network)

2. Sliders — So many options here, pork, venison, beef, bison, elk. It really doesn’t matter which option you go with for the protein, Alton Brown has a recipe that will make your mouth water. (Food Network)

3. Drinks — Most people will be drinking beer, but if a local craft spirit is more your style, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle profiled three northern Colorado distilleries in Sunday’s paper. (Wyoming Tribune Eagle) Oh, yeah never mind the WTE is behind the times in putting their content on the web.

4. A level headed take on the purchase of Elysian by AB-InBev–Craft beer seems to be the only industry where we lament the success of owners who develop a product so good, they can cash in on it and make money. Draft Magazine features an interesting take on this (DRAFT)

5. The other side of the coin. A no less level headed look at where the trend of “big beer” buying “craft beer” might be going. (Beer Graphs)

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