A la Carte: Stories from Around the Interwebs

1. Grocery Growlers? — Wisconsin’s Grocer Association would like Wisconsinites to be able to fill their growlers at the grocery store. I say the more places the better. 12 Empty growlers in my garage helps no one. (Associations Now)

2. Good Nature Brewing Celebrates 3rd birthday. — One of my favorite nights as the director of Madison County Tourism was their tap takeover at the Colgate Inn in Hamilton. (Brew Central)

3. Which Breweries Should we be Watching in 2015? — With over 3000 “craft” breweries in America, who is worthy of our undivided attention? (FXw)

4. Lagunitas sues Sierra Nevada Over Trademark Infringement — I don’t agree with this at all. There seems to be no brand confusion here, and while the font is similar, it is not the same. Sorry Lagunitas, this sucks. (All About Beer)  UPDATE: The court of public opinion has won out and they will be dropping the suit tomorrow.

5. Another Great Pork Belly Idea — We love our smoked pork belly, Al Dente has another great idea for it. (Al Dente)

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